“We have the talent for spotting talent” that’s our motto. Business is competitive; it helps to have people that are on your side. That’s where we come in! Our team of experienced recruitment professionals working to achieve the goals of your organization.



The other half of the equation.


Understanding your motivations, listening to your needs our Consultants work closely with you. We pride ourselves in our ability to match your interests to the interests of our clients. We build and maintain strong relationships with candidates and deliver the quality results they expect.


How we work.

Not just a Search Consultant, but also employees. Many of us have worked in our respective industries and as a result, are able to offer a wealth of inside industry savvy to help our candidates strategically advance their careers. Further, we partner with recruiters around the globe giving us access to a network of thousands of employers worldwide allowing us to identify the best opportunity possible for our candidates.

We are engaged by the employer to assist with their staffing needs. There is no cost for our services to you.


Career planning services.

We offer the following assistance to help you maximize your career potential.

  • Career Planning
    We help you achieve both your personal and professional goals.
  • Protecting Your Privacy
    Our secure database is accessible only to our professional search consultants.
  • Resume Tips
    Create a winning resume. What to include - what not to include.
  • Rules of Interviewing
    Preparing for the interview, and a checklist to help you be as successful and effective as possible in the interview session.
  • Resigning Gracefully
    Resign from your current job without burning bridges.
  • Counter-offers
    Counter-offers can be flattering, but are they in your best interest long-term?



We treat your resume confidentially and will not forward it to anyone without first obtaining your consent to do so.


Getting started with us is as simple as This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Interviewing Tips


Your calling is calling.


Preparing for the interview


The Telephone Interview


Always sound alert and interested.


Thank You Letters

Here are some examples of some generic thank you letters, that you can use to follow up with after your interview.


Resignantion Letters

You got the offer, now what? The last thing we want to do when changing organizations is leaving your reputation and hard worked spoiled by a poorly executed exit.


Counter Offer Advice

Keep the ego out. Receiving a counter-offer can make you feel great. Everyone would. It is as though your employer has realized what you bring to the table and does not want you to leave now that another company has made you an offer. You may think that your hard work and skills have paid off and now you have them right where you want them; or do you?

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